AOS横浜へのご寄付のお願い/Can you help a seafarer today? Donate now!


横浜銀行 本牧支店 口座番号1375867 ヨコハマエーオーエス

AOS YOKOHAMA covers Yokohama and Kawasaki ports and transportation by car is required. Also, to meet the request of the seafarers to visit towns or churches, we need to provide big vehicles to fetch them. We rely on your support and contributions to make our activity ongoing. Thank you very much for your understanding.

Please donate as follows:
Yokohama Bank Honmoku Branch
Account No: 1375867 Yokohama AOS

クリスマスプレゼント用毛糸の帽子 ・お土産・メッセージカード/We are welcome your message cards, souvenirs and knitted hats for Christmas Presents for Seafarers


送り先:〒231-0055, ENCOM横浜内 AOS船員センター 横浜市中区末吉町1-13


AOS YOKOHAMA gives Christmas presents and calendar for seafarers, every year. We want to welcome the seafarers and share a Christmas mood to make their holiday season a little more enjoyable. We deliver presents to over 2,000 seafarers. Your support will make them smile and happy, so please continue supporting us.

When seafarers are working on board, they always wear their helmets to protect their lives because the ships are made of metal. The knit caps are under their helmets to serve as a cushion for their heads. Please let us know if you’re interested in helping us knit these caps for them!

Knit caps and gifts delivery address: 231-0055, AOS YOKOHAMA Stella Maris Center ENCOM Yokohama 1-13 Sueyoshi-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-city , Japan
Tel: +81-45-308-7200



We gives seafarers the calendars that have Japan-themed pictures as new year’s presents. We begin distributing the calendars in November, so we would appreciate it if you could send calendars that capture our Japanese culture, as early as possible.